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2023 Waverly High School Scholarship Fund

Every scholarship counts for a student planning to attend college.  Scholarship gifts bolster the value of local education for graduates and renew pride in their roots.  The Waverly High School Scholarship Fund invests in the future and inspires the next generation of Viking Alumni.  Generous donor support helps students reach their post-secondary education goals. 


We join donor efforts.  Each year, the School District 145 Foundation for Education processes scholarships for Waverly High School graduates without charging administrative fees.  We do this because we’re proud, because we’re making a difference, and because supporting local philanthropy matters.  This commitment means more Waverly High School graduates will have access to top-notch higher education, leading to a stronger future for our students, schools, and community.

Student Application Open Date: Friday, February 10

When the application is active, 2023 Waverly High School seniors can access our online application process by clicking on the "Apply for Scholarships" quicklink at the top of this page. 

Student Application Close Date: Friday, February 24

Awarded Students Officially Invited to Honors Convocation: Friday, April 14

Winners will be announced on Wednesday, April 26, 2023 during the Honors Convocation Ceremony in the Waverly High School gymnasium. Subsequently winners will be celebrated here and on all Foundation social media channels.