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Student Grant Application

The School District 145 Foundation for Education supports a Student Grant Program for students. The purpose of the Student Grant Program is to provide financial assistance for unique and innovative learning and leadership opportunities for students or school organizations, not otherwise available through School District 145 or other resources. The maximum grant amount is $250 per individual or organization. Matching funds or funds from other sources are encouraged. A limited and equal amount of grant funds will be available each school-year. The School District 145 Foundation for Education Grants and Awards Committee will determine the award amount and reserves the right to reject or deny any application for any lawful reason. Upon receipt of the on-line application and complete signature form, the Grants and Awards Committee requires a minimum of 10 working days to review the application and make a decision. The Grants and Awards Committee will notify the 
student and the teacher/sponsor of its decision. 

Applicants must be a student within School District 145, applying on behalf of themselves or on behalf of an organization to which they belong. Applications are accepted during the school year. For an application to be considered, a signature form (below) must be completed; it can be uploaded with the application or emailed to

Recommendation: Prepare a draft of the student grant application from this Google Form for the applicant's sponsor to review. 

Award Considerations:

The following factors will be taken into consideration for award determinations:

  1. Unique or innovative learning or leadership opportunity.
  2. Funding something not possible within District 145 budget.
  3. Number of students impacted.
  4. Amount available to award.
  5. Possibility of funds from other sources.
  6. Perceived benefit to the student/school organization.
  7. Request must be for a school-sponsored/approved activity.
  8. Reason project is not funded by District 145 or organization's budget.

First Name *
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Postal Code *
What are your objectives? What do you want to accomplish? Include specific details.
Is this for an individual or group? How will the individual(s) be impacted?
How will you evaluate our investment to determine its success?
List any funds received from others or your personal investment.
How does your request address some or most of the award considerations listed above?
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