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About the Pride of the Vikes Band

The band program engages the most students of any in our school district, and it does this across many disciplines.  The program is much more than correct notes and rhythms, or great performances.  It’s about growing kids to be successful adults in our society.  Students learn responsibility, to communicate, and to care. They learn to trust themselves and those they work with. They feel pride. They set goals, and learn how to plan for achievement.  We are educating leaders.

The School District 145 band program is one of the most respected in the state of Nebraska.  It has a rich tradition of success in our community, and the members of our community support it in many ways.  This said, rating success from our trophy count doesn’t begin to match the successes of band members once they leave the program, and how they utilize the skills that they attain from band in real-world situations. Music is an inter-generational connection for our community and it brings us together in a common experience.