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2018 Summer Care Rates:

Summer Care tuition is $36 per day, or $145 per week.  If your family enrolls more than one child, and those children attend the Viking Discovery Program for the entire week, you can take advantage of our multi-child family discount!  Tuition for the first child enrolled is $145 per week; tuition for every child enrolled thereafter is $120 per week.

2018-19 School-Year Rates:

  • Morning Care Only (7am-start of school) $17 per week
  • Morning & Afternoon Care (7am-start of school & school dismissal-6pm) $50 per week
  • Afternoon Care Only (school dismissal-6pm) $38 per week
  • Non-School Day Care (7am-6pm) $36 per day
  • Half-day Care (early school dismissal-6pm) $15 per day

NEW!  You can now register your child for VDP school-year care under "Drop-In" status.  A $20 weekly fee buys one day of care per week.  Families are not required to specify which day they need care in advance, and each child’s one-day-of-care schedule can be random from week to week. Care is guaranteed for the one day per week when you need it!  Use care on Monday this week to grocery shop solo, and use care on Thursday next week because you have a late work meeting.  Note: Your one drop-in care day per week cannot be a full non-school day.   The standard $36 per day fee applies for Non-School Day Care.

Note: Tuition payment processing is streamlined through electronic funds transfer (EFT). A Tuition Express Electronic Funds Transfer Form is required at the time of registration. A 5% discount is available to families who pay an entire summer or semester worth of tuition at once prior to the first day of care.  We do accept credit cards or Childcare Subsidy Funds (formerly Title XX).